All information on our bikes, battery, rims, etc.

As fast as the rider can pedal. All Ryuger E bikes are pedal power assisted with No throttle.

The E bikes are limited by law to 250watts


On Eco mode you can expect an average of 100km

Trail Mode 60km

Boost mode 40kms

Here is a great tutorial on the correct bike size https://youtu.be/XImsmGGxWiw

Ryuger E bikes generally use 29 inch rims

Throttle driven E bikes are illegal in most countries. Pedal Assisted gives you the essence of a traditional bicycle with the added assistance of motor.

Ryuger bikes range from $7000 to $25,000 US

E bikes are a great way to commute to work without conventional vehicle traffic congestion and avoiding sweating upon arrival. No special attire is needed for E bikes for aerodynamics. You may have a knee injury from a conventional Bicycle thus an E bike is a great form of transport to elevate any pain.

Ebike riders tend to ride longer and further thus burn more energy.

Ryuger E Bikes range from 19 to 22kgs

Not only in the US but world wide


Battery Make, Charge & Cost.

We use Quality made Shimano

This is not possible. On longer rides a spare battery is recommended

About 3 hours

About 18 cents per charge depending on the time you use the electricity grid power supply for charging

Shipping policy

Information on Shipping our Bikes & Parts

Ryuger Bikes & Parts are shipped World Wide

The Ryuger homepage is linked to your address. You can see the rates for your country on our checkout page

DHL has a very up to date tracking system. After placing an order, you will receive an email with tracking details.

Returns and exchanges

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We can do a DHL remote pickup directly from your address. You need to raise a ticket through your account on our site OR send us an email with order details to orders@ryuger.com

Absolutely we can send any part which has been damaged. You would need to raise a ticket through your account on our site OR send an email with details to orders@ryuger.com

If the Bike or parts are damaged via freight then insurance will cover the claim.. However if the rider is in an unfortunate accident or off-road damage this is not a warranty claim. Replacement of parts can be purchased via the Ryuger site. Off-course we will do all we can to minimize the expenses.


Each bikes warranty is automatically registered with Ryuger at the time of sale.

Usually inside the battery holder

1 year on all frame, motor and parts

Please contact Ryuger via email orders@ryuger.com or phone.


RYUGER.CO.LTD is the affiliate company of NENGUN.CO.LTD Japan. Both NENGUN and RYUGER operate from the same factory in Fukuoka Japan. NENGUN has been operating since 2001 with an outstanding record with service to its customers in over 150 countries world wide. You can expect the exact fine service from RYUGER. Please check out NENGUN's Trust record