Will E-Bikes be the future of city transportation?

Will E-Bikes be the future of city transportation?

The e-bike is a new, yet old concept that can be seen in many parts of the world. The first patent for an electric bicycle was created over 100 years ago and they haven't changed much since then! Despite their unimpressive appearance to some people's eyes as well as safety concerns surrounding higher speeds on these bikes- there will always continue being demand because let’s face it: who doesn't love going fast and not having to spend on GAS?


With the world's mega cities rapidly growing, bicycles are set to become even more popular in coming years. A recent study by Deloitte has highlighted just how beneficial they can be for both public health and traffic congestion as people continue riding their bikes despite increased danger on roads due an increase of heavy vehicle usage over time - this is because two-wheeled vehicles take up less space than cars or trucks!

In fact according to some analysts' predictions there could he half a billion daily riders globally within 5 years at present rates which would bring them close enough together so that travelling from one part through town easily another becomes feasible instead having always need private transport when living aboard like most wealthy nationals do currently.


The increase in cycling can lead to a reduction of air pollution and help with congestion. This is because fewer cars on the road will make things better for everyone!

This is a huge problem that will only get worse with time. The UN estimated 1.7 billion people live in cities today, but their projections predict 2-3 times as many by 2050! It's important to think about how we can make transportation more efficient if you want future generations living healthy lives where they don't have bumper-to-bumper traffic every day of their lives just trying go from work into home while not succumbing too much pollution and climate change along the way.

This becomes even more crucial when considering population growth especially within metropolitans whose transportation systems are pushed near its limits already.

E-bikes are a great way to commute, and they're not just for the pros. Efficient electric bikes make it easier than ever before possible with their range of up to 35 miles on one charge! These commuting machines will get you through your day while also being more environmentally friendly then traditional transportation options like cars or buses because only about two percent as much energy is required by each mile traveled in an ebike vs gasoline powered vehicles which can average more than 10x what was used when going 50 mph.
As we approach 2022 many see an increase in number of ebikes from 200 million units worldwide today all throughout next year until finally pushing further off at 300 milion sometime around 2024 / 25.