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Ryuger E bikes are tested by the most stringent exams in the known world performed in Tokyo Japan at the Japan Vehicle Inspection association (VIA)

what our bikes go through

This is in Tokyo Japan at the Japan Vehicle Inspection association. In regards to E bikes this testing center is probably the most stringent testing in the world. Their Job is to try and break that bike. The motor is checked if it interferes with a heart pace maker, the lithium battery gets cooked in an oven and the bike is increased to the breaking point with good fashion bar bell weights. If the bike passes this stage then the Japanese Police are invited to ride the bike. From there behind closed doors a meeting takes place with the Police and (VIA) to determine if the E bike is suitable for the general population. The test E bike, the GT8000 in the video past these tests 3 years ago and to date has been ridden over 20,000Kms without missing a beat. This is what goes into every Ryuger E bike.

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